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Yoga For Every Body

Gentle yoga has a positive impact on both the body and the mind. The gentle stretching enhances my flexibility and reduces my pain; the mindful meditation promotes emotional well-being. Jill encourages us to let go of our negative thoughts and inner criticisms and guides us into mindful presence that promotes positive feelings and peaceful thoughts.


I find Jill's yoga and mindfulness exercises so relaxing that I am recommending Breath By Breath Yoga With Jill to my elementary school colleagues. I would like my colleagues to benefit from Breath By Breath Yoga's mindfulness practices.
~ Gloria


I think that for many of us the workplace can create stress and worry. Bringing Breath By Breath Yoga With Jill into my workspace has helped me take the focus away from the day-to-day work issues that arise and focus more on my own awareness of Self and being present in the moment.

~ Carol on inviting Breath By Breath Yoga With Jill to her workspace 


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