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A Balanced Approach To Yoga

Breath By Breath Yoga began 13 years ago with a desire to deepen my own personal Yoga practice. I earned my Kripalu Yoga teacher certification from a beach-side studio in St. Augustine, FL called Discovery Yoga. I came back home to CT and have slowly built up a loyal following of practitioners who taught me that the best practice is the one that moves slowly, intentionally, breath by breath.

Breath By Breath Yoga incorporates the healing modalities of movement, meditation, and sound healing. Movement is always modified for the individual, meditation is always guided, and sound comes from the immersive vibrations of my personal collection of antique Himalayan Singing Bowls.

Breath By Breath Yoga is equally designed for the practitioner who has no experience and is interested in discovering how Yoga can serve their life as well as for the experienced practitioner who is interested in deepening their awareness of their practice. Breath By Breath Yoga is a perfect fit for you if you believe you “can’t do Yoga” or you “can’t sit still”.

Instruction is held via private Zoom session in order to maximize accessibility and safety.

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